Charlotte shingle repair- find the best roofing contractor for the job

Charlotte shingle repair

Charlotte shingle repair is a need you have. Asphalt shingles have consistently been the most popular form of roofing in Charlotte, NC. They are not, however, the most durable. They usually last about 20 years, but shingle repair is probably going to be needed at some point. They are fairly simple to replace either individually or en masse, provided the work is done by experts in Charlotte shingle repair.

Although no hurricanes have hit Charlotte this year, it is still the season for them. Severe storms of any kind can do a lot of damage to a shingle roof.Hot sun, of which the area has had plenty, can overheat the roof, leading to blistering and warping. If your attic is not ventilated properly, it may get too hot and overheat and warp your shingles from below. Any kind of deformity in your shingles makes them more vulnerable to being torn loose by high winds.If wet leaves are allowed to pile up on your roof, rainwater may pool on your roof above them, leading to water damage.

One warning sign that your shingles are wearing out is whitish sand-like granules in your rain gutters. Those are added to the shingle to block ultraviolet light, and if they are starting to wear off, some of your shingles will soon need replacing. Make sure this is done by experts in roofing.

Long-lasting shingles

Experts in Charlotte shingle repair know how to repair shingle roofs even when the shingles are not made of asphalt. Wooden shingleslast from 30 to 40 years, and are most often made of cypress, pine, redwood or western red cedar.They resist rot and insects surprisingly well, but they can catch fire and will need replacement afterward.Wooden shingles made from splitting the logs rather than sawing them are called shakes. These shakeslast a good deal longer than regular wooden shingles.

Very long-lasting shingles

Roofs made from tile and slate last even longer than wood — a century or more even in the climate of Concord, NC — but they require specialized skill for Charlotte shingle repair. They are heavier than asphalt shingle, so you should not switch from asphalt shingle until your roofer has confirmed that the structure of your roof can bear the weight. Also, slate cannot be walked on without cracking it.

Charlottes best residential roofers

If you need someone to perform shingle repair on your roof, Charlotte and Concord, NC’s best roofing company is Advanced Roofing and Exteriors. They have won the Angies List Super Service Award twice and are an Owens Corning preferred contractor and a member of the Home Builders Association of Charlotte. They will work with you to develop a schedule that suits your needs, arrive on time and bring all the materials they need themselves. Call today for a free estimate on Charlotte shingle repair.

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